Fraser Cove


Fraser Cove

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A tune up in Tauranga

We completed a design and fit-out of a new retail space for Fraser Cove. The Zhoosh team managed the project from start to finish and obtained building consent for the project.

Key deliverable

Key outcome

Complete project management: The client was based in Auckland and was unable to effectively manage a project of this scale from a distance.

We took care of every aspect of the design and fit-out, including the consent process. We worked with external consultants and engineers for structural, Fire, HVAC and electrical designs for compliance purposes.

Time Frame: The scheduled move-in dates created a very tight deadline.

Having everything under one roof makes meeting deadlines much easier. We were able to coordinate all internal teams and contractors to ensure we had the project completed on time.

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What factors should be considered when designing a new retail space?

Factors that should be considered when designing a new retail space include the target audience and their preferences, the type of products or services being offered, the desired atmosphere and ambience, the available budget, and the store's branding and visual identity.

What are some key considerations for creating an effective retail floor plan?

Key considerations for creating an effective floor plan include optimizing the flow of foot traffic to encourage exploration and engagement, strategically placing popular or high-margin products to maximize visibility and sales, ensuring sufficient space for aisles and displays, and incorporating areas for customer interaction and engagement, such as fitting rooms or product demonstration areas.


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